Intimacy AMA

If you have teenagers like I do, consider enrolling them in my new "INTIMACY: AMA (Ask Me Anything)" in-home workshop. I am an experienced facilitator, author, and mom with the goal of answering teenagers' questions about sex and sexuality with a candid and empowering philosophy that:

  • Sexual activity amongst teenagers is healthy and not shameful.
  • Sex is best when both people are comfortable, respected, and having fun.
  • Girls have historically been raised to service their boyfriends, with little or no knowledge about their own bodies or their own enjoyment. This needs to change.

Who I Am:

A mom—I currently have three teenage daughters of my own. This is my top qualification.

A facilitator—Following Princeton and Harvard Law School, I have worked as an LGBTQ diversity trainer in schools, a PFLAG support group moderator, and the director of an educational program at the Stonewall Museum & Archives. I have completed certificate programs with the Safe & Supportive Schools Project of the American Psychological Association, and the Sexual Health Educator (SHE) Training Program of the California Department of Public Health.

An author—I co-wrote the children's book, I Am Jazz, and have spent the past 10 years speaking and writing about the need to normalize conversations with youth about sex, sexuality, gender identity, and the right to self-determination (both in and out of the bedroom).

How It Works:

Intimacy AMA

My private in-home workshop for teenagers first addresses fundamental topics such as: consent, contraception, and basic mechanics. My objective is to talk about these things in practical, real-world language (not the cold, clinical terminology they might hear in health class). I also touch upon LGBTQ issues, bodily self-discovery, and resisting peer pressure to go further than feels comfortable.

Then I open the floor to questions—anonymously submitted in writing, and received without judgment.

If you give your teen permission to attend one of my workshops, you are agreeing to have their questions answered, no matter what they might be, to the best of my ability. If I don't know the answer, I will tell them that. No reasonable, respectful inquiry is off limits.

Contact me at to get on the mailing list and receive pricing and availability information.

By answering kids' questions directly instead of leaving them to their own devices (literally!), we can empower our teenagers today to create the loving, lasting, mutually satisfying relationships we want for their tomorrows.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why would I want my teen to participate in this workshop?

As every parent of a teenager in the year 2022 knows, a smartphone can be a portal to dark and confusing content. I know that for me personally, the violent sex scenes in shows like Euphoria were a real wake up call (do you know for sure what your child is watching??). We also know that teens are naturally curious, and that they can be too embarrassed to ask an adult what they REALLY want to know. For these reasons, it's imperative that we NOT allow pornography, or explicit programming intended for adults, to be our children's teachers.

How many kids attend a workshop, and are they co-ed?

Workshops can have up to 15 teens in attendance, preferably all friends or acquaintances. Although my program was designed with girls (cis and trans!) in mind, I appreciate that boys have important questions, too. And boys are probably more likely to get bad information from porn. So workshops will be single-sex, but available for both boys and girls.

What's the target age?

This current curriculum is appropriate for teenagers 13 and up. I'm open to developing a workshop for ages 10-12 in the future.

What's the cost?

The cost is $50 per teenager, payable in advance via Venmo or Paypal. The exception is that any teenager hosting an in-person event in their home will attend for free. Travel costs are extra.

NOTE: For a limited time, a $10 discount will be added to your account for EACH attendee who lists YOUR teen as their referring friend, up to 5 friends. So if you'd like for your child to attend at no cost to you, just have them find 5 friends to join the same workshop!

How long is the workshop?

Intimacy AMA

Approximately 90 minutes, depending on how chatty the teens are.

What does the host family of an in-person workshop need to provide?

In order to create a safe space, I just need a room with a door that can be closed (along with the family's word that they will not be standing outside with their ears pressed against the wall!).

Are workshops being offered virtually?

Yes! through the platform Zoom Webinar.

Is the content the same for all ages?

No, I would have a different conversation with 13-year-olds than 18-year-olds. That said, I still have to promise to answer their questions, so I can't guarantee exactly where the conversation will go.

What happens if the teenagers get rowdy?

I reserve the right to end any workshop for any reason if I feel unsafe or disrespected.

Ok, I'm interested, what's next?

Email me at Once we have agreed upon a date, time, and location if in person, I will need signed permission slips from parents, as well as payment before the day of the workshop. Then you just sit back, relax, and know that your kids are in the good hands of a loving, concerned parent just like you.